Child wellbeing and mental health

Child wellbeing and mental health

Child wellbeing and mental health

Child wellbeing and mental health

Depression and anxiety doesn't just affect adults. Children and teenagers can get depressed too. Anxiety and depression are more common when you might think and to look for proper help is no shame. Actually, this is for the best interest of your child and your family. Depression and anxiety affects how we feel, the way we think and how we act, but with proper treatment are easily controlled. If you are worried about your child behavior, it’s always better to consult with professional.

Should you feel ashamed to turn to professional?

Definitely not! Some studies show that almost one in four young people will experience depression before they are 19 years old. Understandably therapy is generally not an easy topic for parents to discuss. Nobody wants their child to need therapy, but unfortunately, there are many difficult and even traumatic issues that children may encounter that a qualified professional can help them deal with.

What is child Counselling?

Child counseling is a specialized area of psychology focused on working with children who have experienced a traumatic event, have anxiety or grief or have been diagnosed with a mental illness. This type of therapy helps children break their problems down so they can make sense of them.

How do I know if my child needs counseling?

If your child’s behavior is causing chronic trouble in school or is seriously disrupting your family life, it’s important to get help. Disruptive, explosive or dangerous behavior can be generated by anxiety, trauma and frustration from an undiagnosed learning problem, among other things.

When children have emotional or behavioral problems, the earlier they get treatment, the easier it is to help them. Signs to notice:

Persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness.

Constant anger and a tendency to overreact to situations.

Persistent worry, anxiety, or fearfulness.

Preoccupation with physical illness or their own appearance.

Symptoms of depression in children often include:

sadness, or a low mood that doesn't go away
being irritable or grumpy all the time
not being interested in things they used to enjoy
feeling tired and exhausted a lot of the time
Your child may also:

have trouble sleeping or sleep more than usual
not be able to concentrate
interact less with friends and family
be indecisive
not have much confidence
eat less than usual or overeat
have big changes in weight
seem unable to relax or be more lethargic than usual
talk about feeling guilty or worthless
feel empty or unable to feel emotions (numb)
have thoughts about suicide or self-harming
actually self-harm, for example, cutting their skin or taking on overdose
Symptoms of anxiety in children

finding it hard to concentrate

not sleeping, or waking in the night with bad dreams

not eating properly

quickly getting angry or irritable, and being out of control during outbursts

constantly worrying or having negative thoughts

feeling tense and fidgety, or using the toilet often

If you think your child is depressed or having anxiety…

If you think your child may be depressed or having anxiety, it's important to talk to them. Whatever is causing the problem, take it seriously. It may not seem a big deal to you, but it could be a major problem for your child.

If your child doesn't want to talk to you, encourage them to talk to someone else they trust.

If you are worried about any aspect of your child's mental health, you should search for professional, who will provide proper counseling and help.

Where to find child counselling in Bahrain?

There are many good professionals around, just choose one you and your child feels the most comfortable! One of the centers which is specializing on children mental health is Child Foundation Center. Dedicated to a higher quality of patient care the Child Foundation Center is an award winning psychology treatment center.

Check their services and discounted offers on and get the treatment your child needs!

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